Compost Products

We at SE feel we make the best products on the market and have the test results to prove it.  Check out our products we offer and know that we can blend compost into any mix you want.  As always we look forward to serving you so just give us a call.



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Our compost is a top of the line product.  We use microbes to help break down our inputs and to help build humus into our compost.  We test during all three phases of production as well as screen the final product.  All to ensure that you will never use a better product than our compost.  If you are looking to give your lawn or garden a boost of microbes, and help build your soil.  This is the product to use.


Price: $120/ Cubic Yard

Discount of 10% for orders over 10 Cubic Yards

updated 4/2020

50/50 Compost Mix

Our 50/50 compost mix is the next step in providing a bulk product to allow you to start gardening on the right foot.  This product is a blend of Iowa top soil, and our compost.  By allowing these to products to combine together for over a year while we monitor and turn the rows, we can provide a large volume of compost soil at a low price.  If you are looking to fill a garden box, or backfill sidewalks, this is the product for you.


Price:$60/ Cubic Yard

Discount of 10%  for orders over 10 Cubic Yards

updated 4/2020

Rain Garden Mix


Rain Garden Mix is a standard mix we make for use in Rain Gardens. We have been working with cities and contractors over the years and have settled on a ratio of 50% sand and 50% of our compost soil.  This has worked very well on our farm as well as on various City of Ames projects.  Our Rain Garden mix can be custom mixed to provide the percentage of sand/compost ratio you are looking to achieve.

Price based on mix.  Average cost:  $50/CY


updated 4/2020


Need help calculating the cubic yards needed for your garden or raised bed? Use the calculator to help plan your project!

*  All compost orders need to be scheduled for pick up.

*  Delivery not included. We can load a truck or trailer for no additional charge.

*  We can schedule compost delivery with a local trucking company for $90 in Ames.