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Compost Products

Appointment required for compost pickup and delivery. If you need to pick up compost same day, please call Steenhoek Environmental and we will try to accomodate your request if possible. Thank you!
Premium Compost
In Stock
50/50 Compost Mix
In Stock

Our compost is a top of the line product.  We use microbes to help break down our inputs and to help build humus into our compost.  We test during all three phases of production as well as screen the final product.  All to ensure that you will never use a better product than our compost.  If you are looking to give your lawn or garden a boost of microbes, and help build your soil.  This is the product to use.


Price: $140/ Cubic Yard

updated 3/2024

Our 50/50 compost mix is the next step in providing a bulk product to allow you to start gardening on the right foot.  This product is a blend of our Premium Compost and Grade #2 Compost.  Combining these two products allows us to provide a large volume of compost soil at a low price.  If you are looking to fill a raised bed or backfill low laying areas, this is the product for you.


Price:$75/ Cubic Yard

updated 3/2024

Grade #2 Compost
In Stock

Grade #2 compost is a new product developed in 2021. Our Grade #2 Compost is made through static composting. It is created by mixing vavious carbon products (woodchips, leaves grass) into a large pile, which sits for an extended period of time. It is turned on occasion, but is primarily an anerobic process. After time, it finishes into a completely decomposed product that is nutrient dense with organic material and is suitable for amending soil or using as a quality fill dirt. Like our premium compost, Grade #2 Compost is screened and is a light anf fluffy product which is perfect for spreading.

Price:  $50/Cubic Yard


updated 3/2024

Rain Garden Mix
Custom Order

Rain Garden Mix is a standard mix we make for use in Rain Gardens. We have been working with cities and contractors over the years and have settled on a ratio of 50% sand and 50% of our compost soil.  This has worked very well on our farm as well as on various City of Ames projects.  Our Rain Garden mix can be custom mixed to provide the percentage of sand/compost ratio you are looking to achieve.

Price based on mix. 


updated 3/2024

  • All compost orders need to be scheduled for pick up.

  • Delivery not included. We can load a truck or trailer for no additional charge.

  • We can schedule compost delivery with a local trucking company for $100 in Ames  for orders of 5 CY or less. For out of town orders, or orders of 6 CY +, a fee of $135/hour will apply (loading time and round trip applies).


Need help calculating the cubic yards needed for your garden or raised bed? Use the calculator to help plan your project!

  • What compost do you recommend for raised beds?
    We would typically recommend the 50/50 compost mix for raised beds. It is cost effective, and will also contain half premium compost, which means less weed seeds.
  • What compost do you recommend for topdressing a lawn?
    We recommend using premium compost or the 50/50 compost mix due to the fact that these products will have the smallest amount of weed seeds.
  • Is your compost organic?
    Composts are generally not certified as “organic” but reviewed with an on-site visit to determine that they are “suitable for organic production.” Certified organic producers must only use compost that has been reviewed and approved for use on organic farms. Due to the fact that we accept yard waste on our premises, we have chosen not to go through the process of being organically certified. However, if organic compositiion is a concern, we would recommend using our premium compost product. Premium compost is made from cow/goat manure and mixed with horse bedding or wood chips as a carbon source. We do not add other yard waste products that, although unlikely, could have potential yard waste related chemicals. We do not add any chemicals or genetically-modified ingredients to our compost products. We cannot control the feed stocks that the cows or goats are eating, and thereby producing manure from.
  • Does you compost contain weed seeds?
    Yes. Even compost produced in an enclosed facility with controlled feed stocks have the ability to have weed seeds! Animals eat weed seeds that can be digested and eliminated in the manure. Of course compost created from yard waste products also have a natural capacity to contain weed seeds. The key to eliminating weed seeds to be sure the compost reaches a high temperature during the decomposition process. In making our premium compost, our goal is to have our compost reach 160 degrees. This high temperature kills the majority of weed seeds, making it a nutrient dense and clean. Our Grade #2 compost is made from decomposed organic material such as leaves, grass and wood chips. We do not put this product into windrows or add nitrogen (manure, etc.) to make this compost "hot". While it does not contain a significant amount of weeds, there will likely be some.
  • Is your compost screened?
    Yes, we screen our compost with a 1/4" screen. It is very spreadable and easy to work with.
  • How much compost is one cubic yard of compost?
    One cubic yard of compost is two skid loader scoops of compost. Most standard size pickups will hold 1-1.5 cubic yards of compost.
  • Do I need an appointment to pick up compost?
    Yes, we prefer an appointment to pick up compost. We have livestock on other farms that we need to care for and are often off site or at the back of the property. If you would like to pick up compost same day and there are no appointments times available, please text or call the Steenhoek Environmental line and if someone is available to load you, we will try to accomodate your request.
  • What types of vehicles can compost be loaded into?
    We can use our skidloader or tractor to load trucks, trailers or dump trucks that have an open top. We cannot load vehicles that have a top, such a a U-Haul trailer, etc.
  • Can you load a car or van?
    No. Unfortunately we cannot load a car or van. However, you may load your own compost into your vehicle.
  • How far away can you deliver compost?
    We hire an independent, professional trucking company for out of town deliveries. They can transport compost products nearly anywhere, for the indicated hourly trucking fee (includes loading time and unloading time).
  • Can you put more than one compost product into a delivery truck?
    No. Unfortunately, compost products will mix while being loaded or being dumped. Therefore, we will not allow more than one compost product per delivery to ensure quality.
  • What kind of delivery vehicle do you use for compost deliveries?
    For compost orders of 6 CY or larger, we will hire an independent trucking company that uses a tandem axle dump truck. These trucks may haul up to 16 CY of compost. All out of town orders will be delivered this way. For local compost orders of 5 CY or smaller, a dump trailer or smaller tandem axle dump truck may be used when available.
  • How do I pay for my compost delivery?
    Invoices will be sent to the email address you provided when scheduling your compost order online. A link is provided to make your payment online. If you choose to pay with check or cash, please call and discuss payment arrangements. In most cases, drivers cannot take the payment, so we will need to find an alternate arrangement. Thank you.
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