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Ornamental Grasses A-Z

Miscanthus sinensis 'Adagio'


A maiden grass, with fine, narrow leaves. A dwarf variety that grows in a mounding habit. Green foliage reaching 4', with tassel like blooms reaching 5'. Ideal for smaller areas such a patios, borders and massed plantings.


Sesleria autumnalis


A cool-season, mound forming ornamental grass.  Foliage height is 8"-12" and emerges bright,lime-green with sturdy flower stalks emerging mid-summer through fall.  This cultivar is most showy in the fall when its flower stalks turn to a rich brown, hence the name.  This grass is very cold hardy and looks great planted in masses, small groups, rock gardens or perennial edgers.  


Calamagrostis x Actiflora 'Avalanche'  (Varigated Feather Reed Grass)


A varigated form of the well-know Karl Foerester grass.  Foliage has beautiful green margins with white centers and the form is narrow and upright, reaching 2ft.  Flower stalks reach up to 5' in the fall and are feathery and narrow, turning tan in the fall.  Avalanche is a cool season grass and looks great in borders or in masses to bring formality to a grouping.  


Carex Elata  'Bowles Golden'

A bright green Carex that has lasting color throughout the year. Great in full sun or part shade. Looks lovely with contrasting deep green foliage plants such as hostas. Thrives in moist soil or at the edge of a pond. Semi-Evergreen. Height is 1-2' tall & 2-3' wide.


Panicum virgatum 'Cloud Nine'


A striking taller grass with lovely bluish foliage and grows in an upright form. Flower blooms will have an airy seed head which appears to produce "clouds" in mid summer. Grows to 7-8' tall and 4-6 fts. wide. Perfect for accent or border.


Panicum virgatum 'Dallas Blues'


One of our favorite ornamental grasses!  A taller blue-green grass with the foliage reaching 4'-5'ft, 8'ft with flower.  The flower panicles are unusually large and airy with a slightly rosy color.  Has a sturdy, vase-form shape which retains its shape through winter to provide a lasting winter display.


Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Eldorado' (Varigated Golden Feather Reed Grass)


A lovely, varigated feather reed grass.  A medium sized grass which has many versatile uses.  Foliage is green with a gold stripe, reaching 3'-5'ft, 4'-5'ft with flower head.  Flower panicles are soft and airy with a purple/pink seed head.  Eldorado is a cool-season grass which means it will look best in Spring and Fall.  


Festuca glauca "Elijah Blue'


Best known for its blue foliage. It grows in a small, compact clump with emerge with small blue tinged spikes in early summer. Elijah Blue is a cool season grass and will do best in the cooler weater. It may die back  in the heat of summer, but will rebound as fall sets in.   


Pennisetum alopecuroides  'Cassian'


A small to medium sized fountain grass which sports cream to rose colored bottle-brush plumes.  Cassian foliage is roughly 2ft, 3ft with flowers.  Tolerates dry landscape and is a perfect addition for compact spaces.  Plumes will work great flower arrangements or can be left in the garden to add dramatic winter interest.  



Miscanthus x giganteus  'Giant Miscantus'


This is the absolute largest grass that we carry!  As you can see in the photo, this grass is enormous (I am 5'7") and towers to 12'ft.  This grass in almost bamboo like in structure and work well for screens or as a large display in a landscape.  The leaves are dark green and in late fall develops silvery plumes.  This grass needs room to grow and does have thick roots.  Works great to leave all winter long for interest in your gardens.


Spodiopogon sibiricus


An interesting ornamental grass which has an asian appeal.  This grass is best known for its unique flower panicles which shimmer in the sun.  Foliage is bright green and grows to a height of 3'-4'ft and will turn to red and burgandy in the fall if planted in full sunlight.  This is a nice specimen when planted alone or in grouping as borders.






Panicum virgatum  'Heavy Metal'


Also known as blue switchgrass, this is a native grass which has striking metalic-blue foliage which stays in a columnar form.  Foliage will reach 4'ft, 5'ft with flower.  The flower panicles are tinged pink and finely textured, creating an airy, cloud effect.  This is specimen will grow best in full-sun and will look fantastic in a border or grouping.  










Calamagrostis x actiflora - Feather Reed Grass


2001 Perennial Plant of the Year.  One of landscapers all-time favorites and maybe the most frequently used.  A cool-season grass that starts growing early in the spring.  Green foliage will reach 2'ft with tan, wheat like flower stalks reaching up to 6'ft.  Seed heads provide great background for low-growing flowering perennials.  This grass stays very uplright and narrow making it a striking statement in your landscape


Calamagrostis brachytricha


Known most for its beautiful airy plumes, Korean Feather Reed grass is a medium-sized, showy ornamental grass.  Foliage is bright green in spring through summer reaching 3'ft, with 4'ft flowers appearing in late summer.  Unlike most reed grasses, Korean Feather Reed grass will perform well in light shade as well as full sun.  


Schizachyriumscoparium  'The Blues'


One of our  most popular native grasses.  'The Blues' foliage is a beautiful blue-green in the summer, foliage grows 2'ft, flower stalks reaching 3'ft tall, has a clumping habit and turns to orange/burgundy in the fall. 



Schizachyriumscoparium  'Twilight Zone'


A patented Little Bluestem with pastel coloring of silvery mauve color that shows up early in summer.  Blooms in early fall. Foliage grows to 2'ft with flower stalks reaching 4'. 



Miscanthus sinensis 'Little Miss'


A patented maiden grass which is a compact variety full of color. Begins green in the spring and turns too shades of pink, purple and red as through summer. Foliage grows to 2'ft with the flower stalk reaching 3'ft.


Image courtesy of Hoffman Nursery


Miscanthus sinensis  'Little Zebra'


Sometimes called dwarf zebra grass, this is a nice smaller variety of the beautiful tall Zebra grass.  Foliage is green with vivid, yellow bars growing to 3'ft tall.  Flowers will reach 4'ft and may have a red tint in late fall.  The form is arching and is a will work nicely in compact gardens.  





Miscanthus sinensis  'Gracillimus'


Most elegant foliage which provides 4 seasons of interest with its narrow ribbed leaves and vase shaped form.  Gracillimus will reach a full 6ft in height with tassel-like, bronze seed heads in late summer.  It is one fo the oldest know cultivars of Miscanthus and a favorite at Steenhoek Environmental.


Saccharum ravenne


This is a hardier version and good substitue for true Pampas Grass, which is only a perennial in warmer clients.  This is a large grass which gets most of its height from it showy plumes.  Foliage is arching and will remain at 4-6'ft with huge feathery plumes reaching up to 12'ft.  Seed heads are extremely ornamental with large tan plumes.  This grass will need room to grow and will provide outstanding winter interest.



Chasmanthium latifolium 


A North-American native which features loads of dangling, flat seed pods.  Seeds start green like the foliage and then turn to tan in mid to late summer.  Foliage is almost asian inspired and will grow to 3'ft, with the seed pods growing to 4'ft.  This grass will perform well in shade and can propagate through self-seeding. 



Panicum virgatum  'Northwind'


A tall ornamental switchgrass best known for keeping its tidy, vertical form.  Foliage color is blue-green and will easily reach 4'-5', with finely textured flowers bringing the total height to 6'.  This grass is a beautiful favorite at Steenhoek Environmental.

Image courtesy of Hoffman Nursery


Sporobolus heterolepis


A popular landscape plant, Praire Drop Seed is a native grass which is a major component of the Midwestern prairie.  This grass has thin green blades growing to 2'ft.  Airy, open panicles will float like a cloud above the foliage, reaching 3'ft.  


Image courtesy of Hoffman Nursery


Panicum Virgatum (Blue Switchgrass)


A North-American native and one of the bluest switchgrasses grown.  We have found that it does not stand as erect as some other varieties of switchgrasses and may need staking.  Foliage will reach 3'ft, 4'ft with flower.  Seed heads are airy and delicate.  Grows well in dry in poor soils.  



Panicum virgatum  'Shenandoah'  (Red Switchgrass)


Add color your garden with this beautiful red switchgrass   Grows to about 4 feet with flowers that are pinkish red.  It is very popular in the use for raingardens and areas where more color is needed.  It is a very popular native grass.


Mincanthus sinensis  'Silberfeder' 


Silver Feather is one of our favorite grasses!  It is a very large grass which needs room to grow.  Foliage has wide, dark-green blades with a white midrib, growing to 5'ft.  The flower is spectacular and has a huge, white, silky plume with a silvery pink cast.  This grass is a show stopper!





A very striking and showy grass. Best known for its striking yellow horizontal bands. Grows in an arching shape, in contrast to the more erect Porcupine Grass. Zebra grass grows in an upright column, with foliage reaching 7' and 8' with bloom. 



Molinia caerulea subsp. arundinacea  'Skyracer"


Skyracer emerges with bright green foliage that stays compact and round, growing to 3'ft.  The flower panicles are what adds the interest.  Thin flower stalks grow an additional 3'ft and hover far above the foliage, providing an airy, delicate cloud.  This is a unique ornamental grass and looks gorgeous planted 3-4'ft apart.




Panicum virgatum  'Thundercloud' (Tall Switchgrass)


A tall switchgrass with blue-green foliage growing to 7'ft.  It is upright and  vase-shaped.  Flower panicles are airy and delicate and will reach up to 8'ft.  Becaus eof its size Thundercloud will work well as a screen or also nicely as a accent or background display.  This grass is patented and cannot be propogated.






Deschampsia cespitosa 'Bronzeschleier'


One of the largest in the Tufted Hair Grass family.  Bronzeschleier is a semi-evergreen and has arching green foliage which will grow to 1'ft.  The flower panicles are airy  and bronze, creating a cloud effect an additional 1'ft above the foliage.  Bronzeschleier will grow well in sun and shade.





Miscanthus sinensis var. condensatus  'Cabaret'


One of our larger ornamental grasses which has prominent green and white foliage which rises to an impressive 8'ft, 9'ft with flower.  Seed heads are pink-tinged and emerge in late summer.  This grass will work well as a screen or to make a statement.  Leave plenty of room for this grass to grow.  





Image courtesy of Hoffman Nursery

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