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 2022 Hostas

      We are currently CLOSED              for the season. Please visit        us again in the spring!

Hosta varieties available in 2022:

Click HERE to download an updated list for our 2022 Annual Hosta Sale. 

'Abba Dabba Do'

'Abiqua Drinking Gourd (2014)


'Age of Gold'



'Aphrodite' (fragrant)

'August Moon'

'Autumn Frost'

'Ben Vernooij'

'Beyond Glory'

'Big Daddy'

'Blue Angel'

'Blue Belle'

'Blue Cadet'

'Blue Hawaii'

'Blue Ivory'

'Blue Lady'

'Blue Mouse Ears' (2008)

'Blueberry Muffin'

'Blue Umbrellas'


'Bridal Veil'


'Brim Cup'

Brother Stefan' (2017)


'Captain Kirk'


'Cherry Berry'

'Coast to Coast'

'Color Festival'

'Cool as a Cucumber'

'Crested Reef'

'Crowned Imperial'

'Curly Fries' (2016)

'Dancing Queen' (2020)

'Day's End'

'Deja Blu'

'Diamond Lake'

'Dream Queen'

'Earth Angel' (2009)


s. 'Elegans'

'Emily Dickenson'

'Empress Wu'

f. 'Albomarginata




f. 'Hyacinthina'

'Fantasy Island'

'Fire and Ice' (fortunei)

'First Blush'

'First Dance' 

'First Frost' (2010)

'Forbidden Fruit'

'Fragrant Bouquet' (1998)


'Frances Williams'

'Funny Mouse'

'Ginsu Knife'

'Gold Edger'

'Gold Standard'

'Golden Surprise'

'Golden Tiara'

'Grand Tiara'

'Guacamole' (fragrant) (2002)

'Guardian Angel'

'Hadspen Hawk'


'Heat Wave'

'High Society'


'Hudson Bay'

'Island Breeze' (2022)

'June' (2001)

'Jurassic Park'

'Komodo Dragon'

''Krossa Regal'

'Lakeside Banana Bay'

'Lakeside Cupcake'

'Lakeside Paisley Print' (2019)

'Liberty' (2012)

'Lipstick Blonde'

'Maui Buttercups'

'Mighty Mouse'

'Mildred Seaver'

'Mini Skirt'


'montana Aureomarginata'

'Neat Spash Rim'

'Night Before Christmas'

'Olive Bailey Langdon'

'Orion's Belt'

'Pandora's Box'

'Paradigm' (2007)



'Patriot' (1997)

'Pearl Lake'


'Praying Hands' (2011)

'Rainbow's End' (2021)

'Rainforest Sunrise' (2013)

'Raspberry Sundae'

'Red October'

'Regal Splender' (2003)

'Reversed Patriot'

'Royal Crest'

'Royal Standard' (fragrant)

'Royal Wedding'

'Sagae' (2000)


'School Mouse'

'Sea Beacon'


'See Saw'

'Silly String'

'Sister Act'

'Snake Eyes'



'Stained Glass' (2006)

'Sum & Substance' (2004)



'Sun Mouse'

'Sunset Grooves'


'Tootie Mae'

u. 'Albomarginata'

u. 'Erromena'

u. 'Univitata'

v. 'Aureomarginata'


'Victory' (2015)


'Warwick Comet'



'White Feathers'


'Wrinkle in Time'



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