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Why choose grasses?







Chances are that you have noticed grasses popping up everywhere in landscaping.  They are becoming wildly popular in both residential settings and are even used by professional landscapers in corporate settings.  This is no doubt due to their extreme beauty and versatility in color, texture and size.  One other added benefit, however, is that they are easy to grow, require little maintenance, and most varieties will thrive in hot, dry conditions without any added watering.  


Grasses come available in a wide palette of colors, blooms and textures.  For example, Boulder Blue is a shorter grass which has striking blue foliage and will maintain its color through some of the coldest temperatures.  Other grasses like Silver Feather is an enormous grass with showy, feathery plumes.  Looking for a grass with some red foliage or perhaps barred or striped foliage?  Shenandoah, Zebra grass or Varigated Miscanthus may be what you are looking for.  Whatever you have in mind, chances are there is a grass that will suit your needs. 


In addition, ornamental grasses are known for their hardiness.  Once established, grasses rarely need to be watered and generally do not require rich or moist soil.  In fact, many grasses prefer rocky or dry soil!  Grasses generally withstand extreme temperatures, from harsh winters to the hottest, driest summer conditions.  In addition, they rarely have issues with pests.  


As far as ease of care, grasses need little attention once established.  During the first month or two, they will need to be watered-in to get their roots established.  Otherwise, just trimming them back in the fall or early spring will be the only attention you grasses should need.  


Grasses can also offer year-round landscaping.  While their obvious beauty is seen in the spring, summer and fall months, grasses also provide a dramatic effect in the winter garden.  Nothing is more beautiful than snow blanketing the structures of dormant grasses.  In the winter, grasses provide interest, texture in your garden, and habitat for wildlife.


Hopefully you are becoming as excited about your options for grasses as we are!  We hope to see you this summer and help you pick out the perfect ornamental grass for your garden.  See you soon!

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